I thought you might like
to see my new sketching
tote.  This case cost me
all of $ 2.99 at a thrift
shop and I just stuffed it
full of my sketching stuff
that I like.

This spring I'm hoping
to do some
sketchersizing at the
lake.  If I can do a little
drawing along the way it
will make it seem like
I'm not exersizing at all,  
just having fun.

My choice of sketching
materials are a 5 x 7
sketch book with a fairly
heavy paper than can
withstand some ink pens
and also some
watercolour.  I draw
mostly with Staedtler
disposable pigment
liners in brown or black
ink.  I then use a
watercolour pencil to
add a bit of shading.... I
usually just use an
earthtone colour, sienna
or umber.  I can then use
my waterbrush to spread
the colour around.

With this new sketchtote
I've added the option of
having some actual
watercolours with me
and a sable brush - not
sure if I'll use it yet but
at least it doesn't take
any more room.
I have space also to tuck
in some watercolour post
cards and a scrape piece
of paper to test my pens
and colours on.
Sketching at my favourite place
along the waterfront of Lake
Ontario in Ajax.
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